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Click Photography
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About Us

I got my first camera when I was 11. It was a 110mm film camera. It was bright orange. It was beautiful. I took a lot of pictures with that little number – mostly of myself.

And that was the beginning.

I always loved taking pictures of my friends. I loved thinking of a feeling or mood and striving to create that in my picture. Sometimes I’d retreat to the woods for some hopeless romantic pictures. Sometimes I’d seek a more structured environment for some grungy, lonely, angst-y pictures (it was the ‘90’s). I always sought to clearly and strongly capture The Person: her beauty, her shyness or vivacity, her motion or stillness. Her personality.

Since Click Photography was born in 2006 the focus of my style has remained personality. I know I’ve succeeded when someone who knows the subject exclaims, “That is SO him!”

I enjoy offering this unique perspective to the folks in central Indiana. I enjoy being able to offer truly affordable photography to people who were surprised to learn that professional photos were not out of their financial reach. I enjoy all the differences I experience photographing families, high school seniors, weddings, babies, engagements, and maternity pictures. I enjoy the opportunity to flex my creative muscles. I enjoy how this fits so well into my full-time job (stay-at-home mom of two perfect and well-photographed girls).

And I hope you enjoy it, too.

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